Cuba to issue new banknotes

According to various news reports, the Central Bank of Cuba (Banco Nacional de Cuba) has announced that it will be introducing new security features to its banknotes as part of its monetary reform. The denominations affected will be the 20, 50 and 100 pesos and will notably have an updated watermark image.   Source: CubaSi

New Zealand reveals new banknote designs

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has unveiled designs for their next series of banknotes. Named “Brighter Money”, the new notes use bright colours in their designs and will also incorporate modern security features whilst continuing to use polymer substrates. The Bank states that the new banknote series will continue to use the same denominations,…

Mauritius 50

Mauritius begins “Clean Bank Note Program”

On the 3rd November 2014, the Central Bank of Mauritius announced that it is to embark on a “Clean Bank Note Programme” due to finding an increasing number of banknotes which have been defaced. “The Bank has noted, with concern, an increasing number of instances where banknotes are being defaced, either by writing, printing, drawing…